LG KU990i

Like if this guide is helpful

I got 3 of these phones for my wife me and my daughter and what a mistake that was. The camara is ok but wouldnt say it was anything special

The touch screen is a bloody nightmare trying to text. The keys vanish while your in the middle of a call so if your talking to a call center etc and need to press a key youve got to mess around getting the keys back up and unlocking them so you can press one of them

The screen breaks far too easy, both my wifes and my daughters broke within a few months of getting them

Viewing pics and videos is just a joke ive got a 2mb memory card in and to view videos or pics takes about 5 minutes at least for them to show up (im not kidding)... Please wait......Please wait......Please wait...... ARRRRRGH!!!!

If you was to unblock it and use it on Three or have one already on Three you`ll notice that MSN and Skype dont work on this phone (shows how rubbish it is when it cost me £100 and Argos sell a cheap £19.99 ZTE F102 on Three that they both work great on

My advice dont buy this phone its total rubbish.....

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