LG Shine Clone: The Diamond: KE70

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The Shine, The Diamond...

Hello there! This review/guide will be on the newly appearing LG Shine KE970 clones called the 'Diamond Shine KE70'.

When I first saw one of these  Diamond Shine's I was very interested firstly how Chinese manufacturers could get away with simply cloning one of LG's most well know camera phones and secondly why it was so cheap (around £80 as opposed to £150+ at the time of writing).

I soon found out.

The specifications are exactly the same as the LG's and it even comes with two batteries for those extra long trips out. I was so tempted I bought one thinking, 'fantastic, I've bagged myself one of the latest phones for about half price'. It didn't take long to come from Hong Kong and when I got it I was amazed. However, my amazement stopped there.

Out of the box experience...
The box and all of the accessories were meticulously arranged in little polythene bags with an air of only being packed in some vast Chinese warehouse not long before. Strangely, on the box were words written such as 'Brief', 'Mr Love' and 'Charm' which I didn't find very alluring. Hmmmm...

Let's get physical...
The Diamond Shine was almost a perfect clone of the original apart from the fact it doesn't have a roll bar; it's actually a button which disappointed me. The digital camera (or 'digtal camera as it's spelt on the back) wasn't 2.0 mega pixels but actually 1.3 and the quality is shocking. Despite this, everything is made of aluminium and the slide motion is very smooth which was definitely a plus. The screen isn't very sharp and the speaker, whilst loud, distorts regularly. The keypad is also completely dreadful and the top few keys are barely accessible for any person.

I can see inside...
The menu is written in poor English with Chinese as the only other option. One example would be on the menu where 'display' would be, 'display characteristic' was in its place. Everything in the menu was also very messed up and in the wrong places. I was hoping as a phone from deepest darkest Asia it would have support for other Asian languages such as Korean which I could read but alas, no.

Input of text could be in Pinyin (Chinese quick input), Ezi text (similar to T9) or normal abc. However, due to the poorly laid out keypad, I couldn't recommend texting at all. Despite having very good quality signal at my home, 5/6 of texts did not reach their destination or even send and 1/3 of calls were dropped or not connected which defeats the object of having a cell phone.

My two cents...
I would definitely not recommend purchasing this phone unless you want a world of trouble and non-connectivity. I am told that many of these Chinese clones use poor quality materials and components which, while affordable and look good for a period, are completely useless and should really not be available for sale.

This review is based on my unfortunate past experience. I do deserve it, however.

What's the English idiom, 'you get what you pay for'.

Chinese names to avoid: CECT, GEO and K-Tech!

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