LG Viewty mobile phone

Like if this guide is helpful

I got my LG viewty for chistmas and it's excellent!!!

The bluetooth is great, you can easily send and recieve things using this, it is fast and easy to use. However when I first got my phone I didn't think it was working as no-one could see my name, but it was on hidden, so it is worth checking this when first purchased.

The camera is 5 mega pixels which is really good for a phone, you can take clear snaps and it doesn't take ages to take the pic either! I love the fact that you can edit the photos on the phone, like morphing, adding text, chaanging colour, zooming in and out, adding pictures etc

The video is just as good, picture quality is good, but if you are filming something at high speed it sometimes can go a bit blurry/squarey. BUT you can film things in slow mo, which slows the whole thing down which is FAB as you see everything much clearer! Again, you can do many things to edit/alter your film.

There is also a muvee studio, this is where you add photos and choose different effects to put them all together to make a short film using this, it adds effects like flashes, adding lines/streaks, brighter colours etc!

There is also a FM radio, which I have yet to use but I bet this is just as great.

The MP3 player is good and is of clear and high quality and it can also hold a large amount of music, but if you are a big music lover and would rather it all be on your phone than on your phone and Ipod then I would reccomend the memory card.

IT IS TOUCHSCREEN----Many people don'r use touch screens---using excuses like, 'the screen isn't as clear', 'it'll be hard to text', 'i won't be able to use it' AND YES, I have to admit that I was one of those people but now I have got to grips with it, I find it way faster as instead of scrolling up down/pressing lots of buttons you can USE YOUR FINGER OR THE STYLUS to select EXACTLY what you want!!

Texting is also very easy---you have various options to pick from including the handwriting screen or bow, or the normal texting---abc,,, def,,, (etc)  or the keypad, which is when you turn the phone on the side and use the phone like a laptop/computer key board.


As you can see I think very highly of this phone!!! It is really great! I have had 3 LG phones now and none of them have disappointed me and yes I know that it may not be as good as the iphone, but if you are looking for a cheaper alteranative than this is it!!!

The cheapest that I coulf find when I got mine was in Tesco, many places are still highly priced at £200 (was between £300-£500 when first out) but at Tesco was £140 and you also savd £25 when boght with £10 top-up card, also it was worth the clubcard points!!!

You may be a bit put off by the price,,,,,,,,,but if you want a quality phone then this is really worth it!!!!

Thanks and hopes this helps if you are wandering whether to buy it-----I WOULD!!

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