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I have bought a jinlun 125-11 and i thought i'd let you know of my experience,

i purchased the jinlun 125-11 from Lia Imports through ebay about 3 months ago

it has been a very pleasurable experience as lia imports were very helpful they talked me through everything from registering the bike to putting on the panniers and crashbars when it arrived at my door,

but the best thing about this bike is the quality, it has lots of chrome, windshield, big crashbars and awesome panniers and they are all quality items and included in the price of the bike!

I couldnt believe the amzing looks and stunning finish on the bike the paintwork is immaculate the chrome is quality my bike came fitted as standard with crashbars, windshield ,panniers, fuelguage sensors and also it has a brilliant device fitted to the bike that stops you pulling away if the stand is left down by accident wow!

but what i like most about the bike is that it looks huge i'm 5'11 and nearly fourty years old and have been riding bikes a long time and it truly impressed me ,

the attention you get when your out on this bike is amazing if i park up in town when i get back theres normally 3/4 people asking me questions about the bike and when i tell them i only paid 949 quid for it they really wont believe me, i took the bike to paignton bike festival and parked it up alongside harleys and hondas and it held its own its much bigger than all the other 125 cruiser style bikes out there at the moment and is also faster than them all, now my engine is run in i can cruise along at 65 all day and if i push it i'll get about 78mph tops this bike has altered my social life as i've now become a member of the jinlun owners club and we are in our first month and the club already has around 600 members we are busy arranging meets etc ride outs

if you want a bike that looks big ,looks cool ,and can perform ,and is a quality machine look no further the jinlun 125 11  and 13 are classic affordable bikes why pay big bike prices when you can have bike bike looks without the price tag!

LIA IMPORTS are a great team and i am forever in there debt they have truly supplied me with a top quality service and a top quality bike


 thanks for reading

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