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There are many LIFESAVER resellers on eBay - however it is important to understand that not all of these companies are legitimate authorised sellers and it may affect your rights as a consumer if you have a problem, but you also run the risk of purchasing non-operational goods. LIFESAVER systems ltd can not accept returns purchased through unauthorised sellers and your manufacturer warranty will be void.
This guide has been written to explain the importance of buying from  authorised sellers only, who are selling NEW products only.
A 3-year shelf life
LIFESAVER products can be stored unused for up to 3 years. If older than 3 years old, you should dispose of the product. We can not guarantee that products sold by unauthorised sellers have been produced within the last 3 years.
How to identify when your LIFESAVER product was manufactured?
  • Each product will include a silver label with a serial number and the date of production. To find this, pull the rubber covering of the bottom of pump
  • If the LIFESAVER product is older than September 2013, there will be no silver label and instead, the date of production will be marked on the cartridge which you can remove to read 
  • The pump tube is now manufactured to be dark blue in colour. If your product uses a yellow pump tube, the product was produced in 2012 or earlier. 
If the product has a date stamp of older than 3 years old and the product is wet inside, then the product has been used. You should never buy a used product because you can not guaranteed that the product has been stored and maintained correctly (for further details, please see below).

LIFESAVER Technology

LIFESAVER technology uses a highly advanced ultra filtration system and has been engineered in such a way that it must be brought new, carefully stored, and maintained accordingly to the manufacturers guidelines. This will ensure the product filters dirty water into sterile, drinking water. Buying from unauthorised sellers runs the high risk of buying a product which will not carry out the function it is designed to perform, because it's shelf life has expired OR because the product has been used.
Membrane Integrity
The ultra filtration membranes used in your LIFESAVER product have been precision engineered. They have been integrated into a robust cartridge format and have been designed for a long service life. If treated incorrectly or without care they are liable to break. If the membranes are damaged, water will 'spit' rather than flow smoothly. This means you must replace the membrane immediately.
*** Buying from unauthorised sellers means the integrity of the membrane is not guaranteed ***
Auto Shut off

As the LIFESAVER cartridge nears the end of its service life a greater number of pumps are required to induce water to flow. There will come a point at which, despite continuous pumping, water does not flow. This is the auto shut off feature of FAILSAFE working. Your cartridge has now expired and you must now change it.
*** Buying from unauthorised sellers means that you could be buying a used product with a filter which has already expired and which does not function properly ***
Before first use LIFESAVER products should be kept in a dry place. After first use the product should be protected against extreme temperatures. LIFESAVER products should not be subject to shock or misuse such as inserting objects into the cartridge. The cartridge should not be filled with any liquids or detergents as this can cause irreparable damage
*** Buying from unauthorised sellers means that you could be buying a product which has not been stored and used correctly and as such you could be buying a potentially compromised product ***
Cleaning and Maintenance
LIFESAVER recommends regular cleaning of its products in accordance with the manufacturers instruction manual.
*** When buying used products, you can not guarantee that specific cleaning instructions have been followed ***
Before and After first use
Before first use you must correctly 'prime' the cartridge. 
After first use you must keep the filter membranes wet. Failure to do so will cause the nanometer pores to close up and the system will shut down. 
*** Buying from unauthorised sellers means that you could be buying a product that has previously been used, which has not been primed correctly and which has not been stored wet. If a used product has been allowed to dry out, the filter is no longer operational and will not produce sterile, drinking water ***
The benefits of buying new LIFESAVER products from authorised sellers
Buying from authorised sellers of LIFESAVER products will ensure that:
  • The LIFESAVER filter will function and allow you to filter dirty water into sterile, drinking water
  • You receive a 2-year international manufacturers warranty valid from the date of purchase against defects in materials and workmanship. 
  • You receive a LIFESAVER product from new (which has not expired its shelf life)
  • Assurance that the LIFESAVER product has been stored and handled correctly
  • You receive a LIFESAVER product, which contains a full instruction manual and user guide on how to follow the specific usage and maintenance regime for your product
Regrettably, any guarantee of authenticity from a seller is of itself no reliable assurance for items sold in their original boxes, with the original instruction manuals and user guides included. 
It is illegal to use LIFESAVER's trademark (or anything similar to it) or infringe its design rights without LIFESAVER's authority. In certain circumstances the deliberate use of a registered trademark may be classified as counterfeiting. This is a criminal offence, and criminal proceedings can be brought by the Police or Trading Standards Officers. Civil proceedings can also be brought by the trademark and design right owner, and this could result in any person found to be infringing LIFESAVER's trademark and design rights having to pay legal costs and damages.
Indicators of potentially infringing items include the following descriptions and key phrases:
  • Similar to LIFESAVER
  • LIFESAVER replica
  • Authenticity not guaranteed
  • Authenticity not warranted our implied
  • Cannot guarantee authority
  • No guarantees or warranties
 If you are aware of anyone offering for sale any unauthorised LIFESAVER products, please contact us as above.
Thank you!
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