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I decided to write this guide after twice falling for buying Fake Links of London jewellry on ebay.

I'd like to start by saying, 90% of links of London Jewellery on ebay is Fake!

A few pointers to knowing a fake:

If the seller does not offer you any links of london packaging, you have to ask yourself, why not?

If the seller is stating that; if you are not satisfied they will give you a full refund as one of there main selling points, why? This is for those of us that realise that we have purchased a fake item, its a way of keeping us quiet, if you leave them Negative feedback saying the item is fake, their response will be 'I offered them a refund' and they will give you negative feedback in return. Not once do they ever question your opinion on the fact the item is fake, this is because they are fully aware the item is fake.

If you have purchased and received an item, and have got Links packaging, this doesn't mean that it is not fake. Look at the amount of sellers that are just selling packaging, the packaging can be bought/sold for silly money, this is because those sellers of fake items are buying it to put fake items in, increasing the value of their item.

Finally, look at the item, it is very poor quality, if for instance you have purchased a Sweetie Charm Bracelet, look at the elastic through the middle, it is poor quality, you will also find that once worn, there are gaps around the bracelet, this is where the seller has removed the rings from a number of Braclets to create yet another FAKE bracelet.

In my experience of purchasing these Bracelets i was somewhat suprised to discover that the person i purchased it from was the same person each time, going under different seller names.


Below is a copy of the reply i received when i contacted links of london customer services.

Dear Mr Ross,

We are very aware that there are fake goods being sold on the internet
and we are trying our best to restrict this as much as possible but it
is inevitable that there will be people who sell replicas of our

Yours sincerely,


-----Original Message-----
From: G Ross
Sent: 22 November 2006 13:48
To: CustomerCare at links of london

Subject: Fake items on eBay



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