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Hi, as most of you are aware there are alot of 'Links of London' replicas/imitations/fakes going around on ebay and also on internet websites. A way to be 100% sure you are getting a genuine/authentic 'Links of London' product is to buy directly from them. Most fake websites state their items are 100% authentic/genuine as those from a store.

However, read their disclaimers which reads as follows "All products sold within this website are replicas, imitations or reproductions. All of our jewels are replicas and are for "Entertainment or Educational Purposes Only".They are intended to be used as props needed for movie productions, in television programs, theatre, photo shoots, commercials and more. They can be used on display mannequins for entertainment or educational and novelty purposes only. Also these products may be worn while you save for the authentic rings, necklaces etc. These replica style rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets are NOT being represented as the originals. Although the details and looks match the originals, they do not have any relation with the brands mentioned in this website whatsoever, and this does not mean damaging in any way the brands mentioned.The replica items from this site bear no relationship to the name brand(s). These are not from, nor can they be serviced from, any authorized dealers. We strongly recommend that if you want an original one, buy it from an official dealer, we do not sell originals".

These 2 major websites state this on their website and

However, DO NOT have any disclaimer and still continue to tell people there fake items are 100% authentic/genuine even when there NOT! 

Hope your able to read this before your purchase!

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