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                         List of recent non-payers, thrill-seekers, and classic time wasters

Please put the following people on your black block list available in your Sellers Preferences to save yourself hustle and protect yourself from this

Non-payers strikes opened every time, unfortunately nobody will give us all the wasted time and fee charges back! But there is one way to fight it off.

Remember always open an ‘unpaid item case’ on person who has wasted your time, and never paid for the item. You can currently open unpaid item case, as soon as 2 days after end of auction.

If eBay member receives three unpaid item cases within 12 months it will permanently ban them from eBay and their account will be closed immediately, that means that they will never be allowed to join eBay again!

I also recommend to publish names of non-payers in your auctions – trust me they love that, they may be even trying to pay you off just to take their name down! If you are members of forums, or own your websites, you will find there special page to publish their details also, that way they will be even more easily researchable through online search engine! It is absolutely legal!

In certain places will publish full list of full names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, all sort, all for a reason of being truly fed up with people, who take eBay buying-selling experience too lightly!
I also recommend you to create your own list of your non payers it will help other members not to fall as a victim of these fraudsters!
  • jaydhorrox0120It’s most likely a woman pretending to be a man, that is why won't pick up your calls. Story about girlfriend stealing bidder’s laptop, because she was so desperate to bid on my item behind 'his/her' back till last seconds of my auction. Touching love story, classic waste of time! Bidder wasn't picking up my calls but was texting right away instead, first tried to drive me to tears again with yet another romantic story, when I showed I am not buying it, bidder ended up sending me threatening and abusive messages.
  • yomitsey - No longer a registered user
  • peugeot406406 - Quiet but deadly. Seem to vanish as well, or changed to account name (?)
  • kellycosworth - Classic non payer. Feedback history has many clues and warnings
  • jimmybondi* - Never contacted me back, never replied, and never paid, another quiet but deadly
  • 12sa12 - Like my feedback says: 'BEWARE NON PAYER NO CONTACT WASTE OF TIME'

* Come back for more! List of next non - payers will be published in months to come

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