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This is a simple guide ....BEWARE LOADS OF  FAKE JEAN PAUL GAULTIER !! 

The Bottle Is a very good copy ...BUT HAS NO LABELS  ..

The junk in it  aint worth the risk of burning yourself

Loads of fakes are pouring out of the the former eastern block ...Poland &  China  etc

There are genuine sellers ..but I have had red/purple looking stuff with no label on the Bottle or the Can ,, which they should have ...Look for these labels .. Its also being flogged in car boot sales & markets  for as little as £3.00  ..

Cheap and nasty stuff ... god knows whats in it . Anything from dilluted jpg to urine ....Do your self a Favour & buy this from a high st shop ...Its not worth the risk to you or your skin .......ebay is awash with Fakes  & they dont seem to Care .. 

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