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I am writing this to make people aware of a great item for sale on ebay but it has its downside too.

This is a brilliant item to have to make your photographs for your listings look really good and add that professional touch.

These sets come from china, you get a photography table that has two sides black or white this is good for creating effects shadows and reflections for the likes of jewellery ect, The cube is supplied with a selection of 4 velour effect backgrounds these are red, white, black, and blue.  Then there are the lights you get two of these table lights they come supplied with a plug which will ensure you can use them for what country you are ordering from I.E. UK you are supplied with a uk adaptor. 

Unfortunately the bulbs supplied to the UK for this set have 220 Volts 50 Watt JCDR-C printed on the side of the bulb on the side as you can see in the pictrures below. These have a frosted glass cover and they are the 2 PIN MR16 fitting type. THESE ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND.  And unfortunately no one sells them on ebay also the suppliers of the light set don't offer you to purchase from them spare bulbs and if you are lucky to find any that do they are set to rip you off. 

They even advise you to buy MR16 bulbs, But they come in the wrong voltage 12Volts 50 Watts the only thing these do are explode.

Try your local big brand named hardware or craft store?  forget it you wont find any there either.

All in all it is a good idea but only buy lights that you know you can get bulbs for.


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