La Femme Nail polish

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Hello, This guide is all about La femme.

When i was out and about i noticed their was alot of people who preferd la femme nail varnish to alot of other nail varnishes so i went out tried it for my self and it is by far a really well made Nail polish. it comes in a huge variety of colours and also crackle nail polish which is just well fab! I sell it in more store at the moment on ebay in joblots and singles, i also know alot of other people sell it aswell its a really good nail polish there isnt a colour you can think of which they do not do! The nail varnish is quite thick aswell and doesnt easyly come off which is just good in it self! My shop with la Femme

La femme also do a great range of other make up products, but i havnt tried them out yet so when i have i will let you know how good they are!

Thank you for reading
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My shop with la Femme
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