Labels on Official Band and TV Licensed T Shirts

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As a seller, we often get asked what brand label is on the tag of a T Shirt before customers buy.

Customers sometimes think that they don't have a genuine T Shirt because the tag says for example Fruit of the Loom. Their friend may have the same design T Shirt for example with Gildan on the tag. This doesn't mean that either of the T Shirts is unofficial.

We only ever sell T Shirts obtained through official suppliers who deal in licenced merchandise. I asked our main supplier to provide as much information as possible on this matter and to draft a statement. The following is published here with their kind permission:

"Companies printing T shirts buy in blank garments from the
likes of Gildan, Haynes, Fruit of the Loom, or whoever is able to
offer the best price at the time that blanks are needed. It is very,
very rare for a band to specify the blank garments to be used for
their designs, there is only one band I can think of that have ever
done this, and that is Radiohead. Generally the specification for the
blank garment is left to the company that has the license to do the
printing. In the absence of a specific weight/grade/quality
requirement, the printers will use whatever represents the best cost/
quality balance - it is not in their interest to use the best of the
best because they are selling to an established price-list and they
would make no money. Equally, it is not in their interest to use the
lowest quality garments either, because they want purchasers of their
items to be satisfied and buy other garments, if the quality is too
poor there is no repeat business."


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