Lace Figurines

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Many years ago I purchased a small group of figures at a church sale.   The were trimmed with lace which had become grey and tattered over the years.  I washed them and the lace of course came off.  I realised it should have left the lace in spite of its tattered state.  

I started a small collection of these pieces at car boot sale and auctions and finally found some were more collectable than others as some were Dresden.   I found some lovely ballet dancers, delicate and lovely but with a few broken pieces of lace on their dresses.

When I obtained a computer and joined eBay I  increased my collection.  I still collect cheaper pieces with some tattered dresses but have also obtained some lovely pieces.   Yesterday I was successful in buying two figurines. 

I also am at present bidding for vintage goebel figurines as I have a few of these in my collection.   They have no lace but are of similar size and appearance. 


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