Lacoste Clothing, Tracksuit, Shirts, Polo Shirt FAKES

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I Brought a Lacoste Tracksuit a while ago,  i thought i would get one from E-Bay as they retail quite high.

All was going well with the bidding, and i paid. I did ask the seller if item was genuine before bidding and she guaranteed that it was 100% genuine.

When i had recieved the item, i knew by the quality of the item that this was not genuine but a FAKE!

I paid £60.00 for the tracksuit for it to be a fake.


Before bidding on clothing items, make sure you ask the seller to send you a picture of the item.  Ask for thye picture to be taken from the back by the collar for instance or where ever the label may be.  If you can see slight stiching marks please do not bid or buy.


Stitching marks that are visible on the outside of clothing is a sign the item is not genuine.


Bidders and buyers please be aware on E-Bay. Dont be fooled and dont be ripped off!

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