Ladder Safety - Don't Fall Foul of The New Regulations!

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How the new Work at Height Regulations 2005 effect ladder users.

On April the 6th the new 'Work At Height Regulations 2005' came into effect - and they mean that your business will have to change the way that it uses ladders. Below is an excerpt from the regulations that details some of the new requirements:


Regulation 8(e)


5. A portable ladder shall be prevented from slipping during use by -

(a) securing the stiles at or near their upper or lower ends;

(b) an effective anti-slip or other effective stability device; or

(c) any other arrangement of equivalent effectiveness.

In short if you find that you need to use ladders to carry out work then you must ensure that they are stabilised.

At Active Mail Order we offer a range of ladder accessories that make ladders safer and allow you to comply with these regulations. Where it is determined a platform is required, as working from a ladder would be in breach of the regulations, we can supply a cost effective and versatile Ladder Staging System.

Some of the products available include:

 The Ankalad Ladder Stabiliser provides ultimate stability and even allows the ladder to be used freestanding!

 The Ankalad Ladder Leveller is a must for all ladders. Quickly and easily ensure that your ladder is upright and stable.

 The Ladder Staging System is a cost effective solution where a working platform is required for short durations.

 The LSD Ladder Stand Off has wheels and a 'V' notch to allow use on corners and over downpipes.

 The LadderMax Stand Off provides unrivalled stability with the added bonus of a useful work tray.

 The Rojak Stopper helps to prevent "bottom slip" which causes ladders to slide down walls.


Please visit the Active Mail Order shop to see the full range

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