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How I found these trainers

I looked for a long time in shops and asked for advice but I found the sales people just wanted to sell anything.   I tried on many but did not feel they were made for human feet, even the expensive well known brands.  These are a size 4.5, but some I tried on in shops were a size 6, I felt very uncomfortable spending hours trying on expensive trainers, what if they uncomfortable after an hours running?  Could I bring them back?  No was the answer.  I was using trainers that had no grip, tennis shoes for running, I had no idea when I first started out training.  Trainers were just trainers then.  So I asked my Personal Fitness Trainer for advice, something I should have done in the first place.  These shoes are made by people who know what they are selling.  My perfect running shoes.  I even saw how these shoes are made on a TV programme called 'How Stuffs Made', having seen this I feel 100% confident about buying this make again and buying through eBay. New Balance 480x4  Here they are, bright and cheerful, never get tired feet, even after doing 8 hours of fitness!
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