Lagenlook Style Clothing

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layering the lagenlook style

Welcome to Lagenlookstyle clothing . In our shop you will find everything you need to create a unique look. By layering comfy loose clothing to enable a different style whilst still keeping up with the latest fabrics. We stock natural fabrics including quality cottons and linens.

Our prices are very competitive. Our online shop enables you to get the look from the comfort of your own home and without battling the crowds at the shops.

Lagenlook is the German word for ‘layering look’ and there is no better place to start that than from right here. We have the basic layers, mid layers, outer layers and accessories to complete that layered lagenlook.

Our range of comfortable loose fitting clothing is becoming very popular. Our colour range is expanding and we are constantly updating our shop with the latest florals, polkadot prints all in quirky designs.

If you like experimenting with colours and fabrics, layering to create a personal and unique style then have a browse in our shop, I'm sure you'll find something you like.

We are also very proud of our plus sized clothing range too, we can now cater for the beautiful fuller figure of a UK Size 30.
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