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Long known as the market leader in quality baby and toddler toys, Lamaze have a reputation for producing very high-quality toys that have excellent play value and encourage skill development.

Designed by experts, Lamaze toys help your baby to develop physical, cognitive, language and social skills through play. All toys are made form the best quality material, and conform to all relevant safety standards.

When deciding which Lamaze toys to buy for your baby, it is helpful to see how they fit together as part of the Lamaze Infant Development System. There are three levels in the system, each aimed at a different stage in your baby's life.

This guide aims to help you decide which Lamaze toys are best for you.

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Phase One: Awakening The Senses - Toys suitable from birth onwards

Although these toys are suitable for baby right from birth, they will all grow with baby and remain firm favourites for a long time. They broadly fall into four groups, as explained below.

Small toys and rattles

These toys are designed to be played with independently, as opposed to being fixed in a cot. They are all packed with exciting sounds, colours and textures, designed to make your baby take notice and react. Early development is stimulated by these toys, ensuring that your baby gets off to a good start in life.

Toys in this range include Sydney and Sandy kangaroo, the three Little Knotties, Patch the Elephant, Squeak the Mouse and Paws the Puppy, the Hide 'n' Seek Pal that pops in and out of his house, and the three Bright Friends toys, Allie the Cat, Dolphin and Frog.

These toys are all small enough for a baby to handle, but provide enough interest and play value to stay with them for a long time. Like all Lamaze toys, they are all made of tough washable materials and come in bright colours.

Larger rattles and toys

Similar in principle to the previous group, but larger and filled with even more colours, textures and activities. These toys will provide the next step in stimulation and play, and will be played with for a long time. These toys include the Little Monkey Rattle, the Musical Inchworm, Freddy the FireflyMy Friend Emily and TurtleTunes.


Freddy the Firefly (left) and My Friend Emily (right)

Also in this group is the First Mirror, which will fascinate and intrigue any child. Made from soft but sturdy materials, the mirror gives an instant reaction as they see themselves.

Toys for the cot

These were designed to be hung in baby's cot, providing stimulation before baby goes to sleep, and when they wake up. These toys include the Link Along Friends , whose handy clips allow them to be hung up almost anywhere, the Grow With Baby Bird House, and the ever-popular Cotside Gallery.

Providing a wide range of activities, these cot toys make bed time easier, and keep the baby amused when they wake up, allowing you a little bit longer in bed!

Toys for the car

The perfect way to keep the little passenger entertained in the car, the Back Seat Fun Centre attaches to the back of one of the front seats, giving baby a fun-filled centre of activity right where it is needed. The colourful fish-shaped Car Seat Toy sits neatly on baby's lap where it can be reached easily.

Car back seat fun centre

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Phase Two: Exploring And Experimenting - Toys suitable from three months onwards

Once baby starts taking more notice of the world, it is time to introduce toys that will encourage a sense of exploration. The innovative Wrist Rattles and Foot Finders slip onto baby's wrists and feet, ensuring that they will not be lost or dropped. These encourage your baby to explore their own body, and help develop a sense of motion and movement.

The colourful characters on the foot finders fascinate baby

For more adventurous play, the Multi-Sensory Clutch Cube has loads of different attachments, all waiting to be grabbed, pulled and played with. This toy can be taken anywhere and provides a wide range of activities that will encourage baby to experiment.

The Touch and Kick Butterfly has four large panels on the butterfly's wings that are just right for baby to hit or kick. When they hit one of the panels, it makes a noise and the butterfly's cheeks light up, encouraging baby to try again. They see the different effects caused by pushing the different panels and learn to control their actions more closely.

Octivity Time is a fun-filled octopus, who is just waiting to be hugged, squeezed and pressed. The starfish spins, the rings jingle, and the variety of noises will keep baby coming back for more.

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Phase Three: Moving And Doing - Toys suitable from six months onwards

Guaranteed to delight and amuse, the Chime Garden features five colourful flowers that just love to be pressed. The response to this is a variety of sounds, notes and tunes, all accompanied by twinkling lights on the smiling flower faces. Three different settings give three different levels of play. This has to be one of the cutest baby toys on the market!

When the button on the front of the Whirl And Twirl Jungle is pressed, the platform begins to spin, taking the three toy animals around for a ride. A cheerful tune plays whilst they ride around, and your baby can join in the fun with the soft textured leaves.

Bath time is made even more fun with the Sea Fun bath Set. Featuring bright colours and a variety of textures, the octopus, starfish, clam and fish will provide loads of bath-time fun. When it's time to get out, the handy net provides convenient storage until next time.

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All of these toys are part of the Lamaze Infant Development System, professionally designed to give your baby the best start in life.

All Lamaze toys are designed in conjunction with Lamaze International, which promotes normal, natural childbirth and confident early parenting. Why not put your trust in the experts?

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