Lambretta Parts

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If you follow these easy points below then you will be sure not to waste money


1. Always buy from reputable sellers

2. Buy the best quality parts you can find, avoid the cheap remade items, they are a complete waste of money as well as in some instances completely inadequate for the job, think about your personal safety, then think about what you are going to buy !

3. Try to build up a relationship with a seller, this will definately benefit you in the long run, as you will often find advice is available if you only but ask !

4. Open faced helmets v's Full faced helmets  -  I was recently involved in an accident on my Lambretta and was very fortunate to have been wearing a full faced helmet, judging by the amount of damage to the front I would definately been more seriously injured if I had been wearing an open faced helmet.

5. Its your Lambretta, if you look after her properly, you will enjoy many many miles together

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