Lamda/O2 exhaust probe contamination.

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Following the recent fuel contamination scare and the huge amount of press coverage (some good,some bad) i thought i would explain a little about the sensor that is being talked so much.

In Lay terms the sensor that is apparently failing is a sensor that "sniffs" the gasses in the vehicles exhaust system.This then sends a message to the vehicles fueling system which,amongst other information recieved from various other sensor's around the engine alters the fuelling to suit the needs of the vehicle.

The Lambda probe is a vital piece of the chain and must be it first class condition to work to its full potential.The other point to note is that because of the importance of this sensor it has to be,when required to be replaced be replaced with either a genuine part or a good quality alternative.N.G.K or Bosch being the market leaders.The sensor "switches" at such a fast rate that a poor quality sensor could "switch" at a much lower rate than is required and this would in turn upset the fuelling of the vehicle and lead to poor performance,drivability and in some cases damage to the catalytic convertor could occur.

The Lambda sensor would also benefit from a fuel additive being added to the vehicles fuel at regular intervals and the feedback at the moment is that Forte fuel injection cleaner can revive a Lambda sensor.This could be an alternative to replacing the sensor as Forte products carry on working even after they enter the exhaust system,therefore cleaning the Lambda sensor and even cleaning the catalytic convertor.


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