Lancome Lipstick Buying Guide

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Lancome Lipstick Buying Guide

Lancome is one of the most popular brands of higher-end make-up products. With a dazzling array of different lines, shades, and types of lipstick available from Lancome, it can be hard to find the one that suits you best. Learning about the different features and options available when purchasing Lancome lipstick will help you find the perfect lipstick for your make-up kit. Be careful to choose a shade that suits your skin tone and your make-up style.


Choose a Lancome Lipstick Line

The first thing that you have to settle on is the best lipstick line for you. Lancome offers a couple of lipstick lines including Rouge (their most famous), L'Absolu, Colour Design, Baum, and La Laque. Each line offers different colours and types of lip shades. For example, Colour Fever is a gloss lipstick that creates the illusion of magnified lips with its ultra-shiny, luxurious texture, while L'Absolu Rouge enhances lip definition, SPF, and reshaping. For the most part, choosing a line of Lancome lipstick is a personal decision. Your decision should be based on price, colour, and style rather than the line if you are not sure which Lancome lipstick you want.


Lancome Lipstick Features

Lancome lipstick is usually more than just 'standard lipstick', as many of the lipsticks from the brand contain ingredients such as SPF, Pro-Xylane for shaping the lips, lip definer, and gloss. Some Lancome lipsticks, such as L'Absolu Nu are 'bare lip', meaning that they are lightweight and moisturising. Intense colour lipsticks such as the L'Absolu Velours last longer, while feather-light lipsticks such as the Rogue in Love last up to six hours, but are very comfortable to wear. You can choose features based on how and when you want to wear the lipstick, as well as how comfortable you feel wearing it.


Special Edition Lancome Lipstick

Lancome issues a few special edition lipstick tubes every year, many of which are only available for that year only. For example, for Christmas 2013, Lancome released the Limited Edition Lancome L'Absolu Rouge, available in two shades of red, Etincelle and red shade caprice. This limited edition lipstick features a Swarovski crystal encrusted case. Limited edition lipsticks are more expensive than the products in the regular lines of Lancome lipstick, but they are also collectible, rare, and make great gifts.

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