Land Rover Abbreviations Reference

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When you first enter the world of Land Rovers you find yourself bombarded with all manner of abbreviations; these are the most common.  Hopefully this will help to decode some of the more cryptic listings you find on ebay!

Glossary of Terms

½ Ton - Lightweight/Airportable

200 TDi - Type of turbo diesel engine

300 TDi -  Type of turbo diesel engine

4WD  - Four Wheel Drive

4x4 - Four Wheel Drive

ABS - Anti-lock Brake System

Airportable - Lightweight

Alloy - Alloy wheel

Auto - Automatic

BA  - British Association (type of imperial thread pitch)

BSF - British Standard Fine (type of imperial thread pitch)

BSW - British Standard Whitworth (type of imperial thread pitch)

Carb - Carburetter

CEI - Cycle Engineers’ Institute (type of imperial thread pitch)

Con - Control

Cyl - Cylinder

Die - Diesel

Diff - Differential

EFi - Electronic Fuel Injection

FC - Forward Control

FFR - Fitted For Radio

HCPU - High Capacity Pick Up

ICE - In Car Entertainment

K Series - Type of petrol engine

LH - Left Hand (passenger’s side of a RHD vehicle)

LHD - Left Hand Drive

Lightweight - Series 2a or 3 Airportable

LWB - Long Wheelbase

M# - M followed by a number denotes a metric nut size (i.e. M1 = 1mm)

Man - Manual

NA - Naturally Aspirated

OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer

PAS - Power Assisted Steering

Pet - Petrol

Prop Shaft - Propeller Shaft

RC - Radio Cassette

RH - Right Hand (driver’s side of a RHD vehicle)

RHD - Right Hand Drive

Rim - Wheel

RRC - Rand Rover Classic

SI - Series 1

SII - Series 2

SIIa - Series 2a

SIII - Series 3

Stage 1 - Series 3 109” V8

SWB - Short Wheelbase

TC - Traction Control

TD - Turbo Diesel

TD4 - Type of diesel engine

TD5 - Type of diesel engine

Tilt - Canvass soft top

UNC - Unified Coarse (type of imperial thread pitch)

UNF - Unified Fine (type of imperial thread pitch)

VIN - Vehicle Identification Number

VM - Vancini and Martelli (a type of diesel engine)

Wheelbase - Length of vehicle taken from the centres of the front to rear wheels

Whitworth - Collective for the imperial thread pitches BSF, BSW and CEI

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