Laptop Buyers ALERT

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   I bidded and won an ASUS laptop from losegio786 (Jim Baxter) on 24th September. I immediately paid for the item by PayPal as requested. Later that day all monies was refunded. I contacted the seller enquiring as to what the problem was, he tried to get the money sent to another email address which is outwith eBay rules. On contacting eBay about this I also requested his telephone number so that a conversation could be started and try to get the matter resolved. BT confirmed THERE IS NO SUCH TELEPHONE NUMBER. I tried to contact losegio786 on numerous occasions over the next  17 days but all to no avail. With no communications from losegio786 the only alternative left was to open a dispute. Once again no response. To this day I have not been given a proper explanation as to why my money was refunded. If he thought the laptop was bought too cheaply then he should have put on a reserve!! He has now made the sale Private so that no other parties can see and understand why I gave him a less than favourable feedback. Is this really the way we want to see eBay going?

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