Laptop Hard drives

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We sell 2.5in laptop hard disk drives.
We get loads of emails asking "is this drive compatable with my Dell / Toshiba / Acer xxxxx Laptop" The answer is usually "YES"

The drives used in 99.9% of Notebooks / Laptops made in the last 5 or 6 years are all the same type. 2.5in 9.5mm thick. Older laptops use the same  type of drives but used to be a bit thicker 12mm / 15mm.

If you have a really old laptop the drive may fit and work but you may have problems getting it to reconise a drive over 6.4gb. This is because the BIOS in the computer can not address a drive bigger than 6.4gb. If you put a larger drive in it will work but only as a 6.4gb.

We also sell 1.8in drive as used in IPODS.
These are 20gb 30gb 40gb 60gb. Being very small and used in mobile situations they tend to fail quite often. We offer the option of getting you defective IPOD / other MP3 player back to life at a fraction of the cost of a new player.



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