Laptop Scams

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Buyers beware the 'Second Chance Offer', I have twice been offered the chance to buy a laptop I had bid on but lost. The first time I was taken in completely, followed his request to pay the money by bank transfer as 'He had some problem with Paypal and it was too slow'. Transferred the funds then, when he didn't respond to my e-mail telling him the transfer had been done I tried to stop the funds going through. "Too late" said LloydTSB, the money had been drawn the next morning from a brand-new account which was now dormant. How can somebody open a bank account so easily with no background check?

Incidentally, the same machine was offered to me the following day in exactly the same manner but with a different sellers I.D. I reported it to Ebay, as I had the first case. Hopefully nobody else has been sucked in by this B_______d!

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