Laptop and Desktop Accessories That Protect Your Equipment

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Laptop and Desktop Accessories That Protect Your Equipment

More and more people depend on their computers to store and assist with every aspect of their daily lives. Many people use a laptop computer to stay connected to their office wherever they go, while others have a desktop that lets them keep in touch with friends and family no matter where in the world they are located. As major pieces of equipment, however, a computer can also be a significant investment. For both of these reasons, it only makes sense to protect these items from damage, theft, and other mishaps.

When it comes to computers, there are a lot of different accessories that can protect them, including cases, screen protectors, and even locks to secure computers to a desk or table. These types of protective items are available at electronics stores as well as online from eBay. Anyone who owns a computer would do well to protect it by investing in some of these accessories.

Protective Laptop Accessories

Laptop computers are certainly in need of protection. No matter how strong or durable a laptop computer is, they are generally subjected to much more punishment than a desktop computer. This punishment may come in the form of being dropped on the ground or even just banging around in a backpack or briefcase. Luckily there are many different laptop accessories that can protect a wide variety of laptop computers including cases, shells, and even locks.

Laptop Cases

Anyone that intends on travelling with a laptop computer, whether that means shuttling it between home and office or taking it on a flight, should invest in a good laptop case. Laptop cases can protect the computer if the bag in which it is being carried is dropped or otherwise roughly handled, which is likely to happen at some point. Cases also offer peace of mind for anyone travelling with a laptop. There are a few different types of laptop cases available, depending on an individual's needs.

Laptop Sleeves

Laptop sleeves are very low profile laptop cases that normally do not offer a large degree of protection but do shield the computer from certain types of damage. A laptop sleeve is designed so that the laptop fits snugly inside of it with very little extra room. Generally, these sleeves are not designed for use alone but as an added layer of protection from denting and scratching when the laptop is carried inside of a larger bag. The most common material for a laptop sleeve is neoprene although they may also be made from leather, nylon, or any number of other materials.

Laptop Sleeve Sizes

Because laptop sleeves fit snugly over the computer, it is important to select the right size. The following chart outlines the most common laptop sleeve sizes as well as the types of laptops that are compatible with them.

Sleeve Size

Common Laptop Size

Example Compatible Laptop

14 inch sleeve

13.3 inch laptop

13.3 inch MacBook

15 inch sleeve

14 inch laptop

14.1 inch Dell notebook

16 inch sleeve

15.5 inch laptop

15.5 inch Sony laptop

If someone does not know the exact size of his or her laptop, the easiest way to measure is to do so diagonally across the laptop's screen. Choosing a sleeve that is the right size is the best way to ensure that the laptop is properly protected.

Padded Laptop Bags

Some people may want more protection or more storage than a laptop sleeve offers and therefore may opt for a padded laptop bag. These bags offer a dedicated slot for the laptop itself as well as storage compartments for cables and other computer accessories. Some laptop bags may also have a locking function to offer even further protection.

Laptop Shells

It may also be necessary to protect a laptop from the elements when it is not in its case. In order to do this, use a laptop shell. These cases snap on to the exterior body of the laptop and protect it in case it is knocked off a table or something else befalls it. These shells are on the laptop all the time, so they should be light as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Using a laptop shell can protect a computer from scratches, as well, which can happen in a bag or even when a laptop is sitting safely on a desk. They are usually made from hard plastic or other durable materials.

Laptop Locks

One of the worst things that can happen to a laptop other than having it incur physical damage is having it stolen. Although the portability of laptop computers is what draws people to them, it also makes them much easier targets for criminals. Laptop locks that keep laptops securely connected to tables or desks are a good solution to this danger, when working out in the open. Some laptop locks are key -operated locks while others are combination locks, depending on the user's preference. Be sure to choose a laptop lock that fits your laptop securely for best results.

Protective Desktop Accessories

Despite the fact that desktop computers do not travel nearly as much as laptop computers and therefore are not subject to as much danger, there are still good reasons to keep them protected. Protective desktop accessories may keep the computer safe from dirt, grime, and prying eyes more than actual damage but are still worthwhile.

Keyboard Protectors

Everyone who has a habit of eating at the computer has no doubt experienced crumbs collecting in the keyboard. Not only can this be unsanitary, but it can also impede the performance of the keyboard. Keyboard protectors fit over the keys of any computer and keep crumbs or other debris from becoming lodged underneath the keys. The keyboard protector is one single piece of plastic or silicone and therefore can easily be removed and cleaned whenever necessary. Because the size of keys varies from one keyboard to another, it is important to make sure the keyboard protector being purchased is of the right type to be compatible with the keyboard that needs to be protected.

Screen Protectors

The monitor of any computer is especially important since there is no way for the user to know what is going on inside of the computer without having access to the monitor. However, laptop and desktop monitors can be scratched or otherwise damaged. In order to protect screens from potential damage, invest in a screen protector.

Additionally, having a screen protector on a monitor can protect the user from the UV light that emanates from a screen and can cause damage to the eyes. In this way, screen protectors are for both computer equipment and for computer users.


Buying a new computer is an exciting time and can truly change how the user spends much of his or her time. However, owning a new computer can also be a bit stressful because they do come at a significant expense. The hazards of everyday life can easily cause damage to the fragile parts of any computer. That is exactly why there are so many accessories available to protect these computers from the type of damage that can necessitate repairs or cause unattractive physical damage.

For someone who chooses to carry his or her laptop wherever they go, it is a good idea to slip that laptop into a sleeve or case in order to protect it from wear and tear. Desktop users may choose to use keyboard protectors or other measures to protect their electronics from dirt and spills. No matter which type of computer makes the most sense for an individual's lifestyle, keeping that computer safe with the right accessories is the best way to alleviate the anxiety that can come along with owning an expensive piece of equipment like a computer.

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