Laptop charger guide

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This is a direct guide without elaberating into to much detail.

Please on any condtion purchase from Honk Kong made chargers although you may seem to be getting the best deal of the decade do not be fooled there unsafe and im horrified that anything not stating ORIGINAL OR AUTHENTIC ..And branded with the copy or supports. a 12 month warrenty Forget it..

Pay the extra and get a orignal item with quality testing and manafactured for the paticular laptop you will use.

No during the last 3 years ive purchased 5 of these..NON ORIGNAL chargers and these are the issues you will be getting..

The life spam of these are 4-6weeks if your very lucky. Also the box over heats and the material is very poor and currodes in the heat making the box itself expand and overheat making the wire leading to your laptop overheat and the pin. Which actually can damaged the connection pin at back off laptop.. Also sparkes and one has blown up. and melted.

These are a dangerous product and i stress its best not to make a confident purchase as it wil be a unfortunate misable one. And a unsafe one i sooner the ebay community safer and void an issues with young children and also yourself. Also the life spam off a orignal charger is minminal 1-5 yrs depending on your usage but least your self assured it is safer.

Thanks for listening Buddyholly_1

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