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Buying expensive electronic equipment safely.


Ok, i have bought and sold numerous items of expensive

electrical hi tech equipment in particular

laptops and mobile phones.


I have come accross several scams currently being allowed to run

by ebay and would like to share what to look for,

in order to easily spot them and avoid being ripped off.


The circle feedback scam.

This one is becoming more and more popular.

Several ebayers or one with several accounts, get together

and list fake items for their friends to buy.

They then leave each other feedback therefore making

themselves look respectable ebayers as both buyers and

in particular as sellers.

They then list high end equipment at what seems like bargain


Ive seen a lot of these items coming from sellers with feedback like this

and originating in Hong Kong.


Its easy to spot, look at their feedback and click on a few

item numbers on the left.

The items dont even look like proper items sometimes lol.


Account Hijacking

If youve been a member for a while im sure youve been a recipient

of a spoof email or two.

These are basically emails supposedly from ebay or paypal.

These contain allsorts of things including requests for info, payments,

feedback requests, item disputes, in fact the lot.

They all, however contain links which require you to log into


These log ins though are not at an ebay secure site but at a

copy of an ebay site where they can log your details.

There you have it, they now have access to your ebay account and can

use your good feedback as reputation for their dodgy buying and selling.

This appears to be happening a lot with american accounts

and i have since removed america from my 'will post to' list

when im selling.

They will bid ridiculous amounts on your items in order to win it

and then send you fake email reciepts for payment from paypal,

western union etc.

NEVER use western union.

ALWAYS check your paypal account from a proper link

or type w w w . paypal . co . uk (remove spaces) into your browser

to check if you have recieved payments.


remember, a bargain is great yes, but is it better to lose out

on large amounts of cash, or is it good practise to take the time to check

it out and maybe miss the bargain?

There will always be another bargain.


I in no way mean to say all hong komg or american based buyers

and sellers are fraudsters, i merely mean to point out the

prevelence of these cons in those countries.

It does happen all over the world.

It is also easy to spot, so why dont they stop it????


Thanks hope this helps


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