Las Vegas Casino Chips Guide

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Las Vegas Casino Chips Guide

Over the last few years I've been collecting casino chips, mostly from Las Vegas. What follows is my guide to the best (and worst) Vegas chips around. This guide is only my opinion, so please feel free to add comments and share your opinions.

My top Ten Las Vegas Casino Chips

1. Bellagio - No suprises here. It's beautifully made, lasts ages without marking or rounding and is from one of the signature casinos on the strip. Has the hat with the cane through it ultraviolet security marker to detect forgeries. This chip is now obsolete.

2. Hooters - They've tried to make the chip show the fun that can be had in their small but busy casino. I think they've done a good job. Has 'Hooters' UV forgery protection.

3. Planet Hollywood (PH) - Again a really new and modern design that is full of bright colours and fun. Great quality of chip too. Has UV forgery protection.

4. Flamingo - I just love the retro look of this obsolete chip. It's right out of the 1950's when the Rat pack were throwing the dice in Vegas. In fact I like this chip so much I can't bring myself to sell it. No forgery protection.

5. Caesar's Palace - I like the light blue and green mix on this chip. Great quality too of course. Has the hat and cane UV forgery protection.

6. Palazzo - A stylish new chip from the very grand Palazzo which makes the Venetian/Palazzo hotels the largest in the world.

7. Riviera - I love the old skool look of this chip. I suspect the Riviera will go the way of the Stardust and New Frontier very soon so this chip will become obsolete and increase in value.

8. Treasure Island (TI) - A nice example of a chip that's trying to show the casino it represents is fun and modern. TI is remodelling like many of MGMs older properties on the strip, and they are keen to lose the pirate theme and replace it with a trendy look, hence the change from Treasure Island to 'TI'.


My Least Favourite Chips

1. Wynn - I find it a bit boring - I can see what they're trying to do by making it simple and classy, but it just doesn't do it for me.


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