Laser Jammers Made in UK Britain. VIDEOS I Post USA Auz

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For Updated Info Prices etc Please see   laserjammersuk   dot  com

Every Unit is Carefully Hand Made, then Lidar Gun Tested then I fit a Mouser Electronics SPL PL90-3  Laser Diode. Don't use a Shitty $3 Laser Tester, they DESTROY even a $3,000 Stinger Jammer the Signal is so bad. See Scope teste Videos!.  

Top Video is not IR and shows the Cabin Buzzer & 10mm led Laser Gun Alert. Option 1. 
Bottom shows the Signal and just an LED Cabin Alert.Option 2. 


 Fragile AL Priority Units. CmCm from Australia commented Honestly on a You Tube Video and e emails with myself.

He Purchased a Jammer and a Tester from our friend Vortex. The very first Time he used said Tester, immediately after install. 'Pop' a Mosfet Blew, as Scam Testers normally do. The Mosfet once failed then is what is called 'Floating when Blown..It allows Electrical Power through quite Randomly. Hence ALP's and other Useless Dead Blown-Dead Jammers triggering when walking past or light hitting them. Self Tested so Warranty Voided as with all Suppliers, Yes ALP Blinder Laser Elite Stinger All Ban such Amateur Incompetent Testing.

Never Use ANY MODEL of "Laser Jammer Tester" Turds, they are all just Jammer Burners in truth. The RD Forum and other Ruthless US Aggressive Sales Boys   don't care, it's all Cash in the Bank to them.

AL Priority Blinder Heads are also Huge compared to my tiny 50mm x 35mm x 20mm Thickness. x1 Unit 'Pulse Shifter' Jammer.
So small it can often be hidden behind Car Badges Existing Tinted plastic on Audi's VW and many European GM Cars 
Bad tunes here!.

Good Discount for multiple Units ordered together. see website  laserjammersuk  dot com

Uses the mighty SPLPL90-3 75 Watt rated Laser Diode. Most presently use a 10 Watt Laser or cheaper LED'S as we know.
Far faster response time & also Higher Optical Output than  all Chinese Made U.S. Sold Multi-Heads. This means superb area coverage without 2-3-4- Heads.

Fastest Simplest and most robust around by Far. These are a True Transponder Diffuser different to all the Hum Drum $599-$2,300 units..

Easy to mount 'Discretely' Just x2 6mm Holes are required for full Frontal Protection. Can often be Glued behind Badges or Black Plastic covers.

Powerful low cost delivered LIDAR Laser Echo Diffusers. Exposed Laser & IR Photo-Transistor. Feature 75w SPL-PL90-3 Laser Diode transmitter. 

This is a current US-UK Lidar model but they all work the same, a rapid pulse (125-200 pulses a second) of low powered IR Laser is fired at a cars-bikes headlights number plate tail lights, in 2-3 seconds they have the driver photographed and onto the next victim. Frustratingly for Cops fully Jam-able by Blinder and Laser Star Pro systems, often detectable by a good Laser detector as reflections can carry a very very long way up to 3/4 Mile believe me (but not 100%). Stealth measures making your car a much harder less reflective target reduces the effective range a great deal (by over 60% if done well), It will take the Officer 3-4-5 attempts 6-15 seconds to 'get you' by which time a good Laser detector with be screaming it;s head off at you to brake or you may have seen the officer-operator anyway. Laser countermeasure and warning each other  by enthusiastic flashing also works well. I was saved a fine & 3 points some Months ago by a considerate driver doing this.
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