Latex Care - Shining

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XXX Apparel care guides - Shining Latex

Do you want to get your latex clothing shiny looking, like it is in most pictures?

Heres some help

The longer you have a garment and the more often it is shined, the shinier it will remain. While it seems that getting a good shine would be easy, it requires patience, a gentle touch and practice.

Shine is a matter of personal preference. There are some colors that look better unshined. . Likewise, shining products are a matter of preference, based on desired effects, status and ease. Most prefer a high gloss, wet shine.

For this use a high quality silicone liquid. There is a particular pleasure in using a product made just for your special garment. Spreading this lubricating shine with bare hands is a task which others will gratefully perform and this gives the longer lasting effect

For the super-fast shine and for damaged garments, silicone spray is very good too.

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