Latex Rubber. Wearing and Caring

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Tight, Stretchy glossy and sexy with a hint of naughtiness and decadence. All embodied in a single garment. Look after your rubber carefully and who knows where it may take you. Here are a few hints…

  1. Latex Rubber is a natural material and needs care in order to keep it looking good and to ensure longevity.
    Washing. Only wash in warm water. DO NOT use any detergents, wipe of excess water with a towel and then hang (use a good coat hanger, do not peg) or lay flat to dry.
  2. Polishing. To make your latex shine use a silicon release agent, with a soft lint free cloth.  Polish lightly, ensure you do not damage the surface of the latex by to vigorous polishing or by allowing the cloth to dry out.
  3. Wearing. To put the item on, it helps to lightly dust the inside of the garment with non-scented talc first. Ensure that fingernails, jewellery etc do not damage the material and cause tearing. If you use a body lube to ease yourself into your latex, ensure it is water based.
  4. DO NOT prolong exposure to UV light (Sunlight) or heat, this will cause the rubber to discolour and perish.  So keep the item in a dry, shaded or dark place.
  5. Storing. Store as above but cover with a black plastic bag and lightly dust with talc.
  6. DO NOT Go near heat sources or naked flames as rubber burns easily.
  7. DO NOT Bring the item into contact with any copper based metals, such as bronze or brass etc. This also includes some coinage, as this can cause discolouration of the material. Handling the material after handling the coins can also cause this.
  8. DO NOT Bring the material into contact with oil, grease or solvents.
  9. DO Discourage ‘playful pinging’ of the material and the use of cigarettes in your immediate vicinity.
  10. DO Wear your latex rubber, have fun and feel great!
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