Latex care guide

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Latex information

Wash latex in luke warm water mixed with a little PH balanced soap/detergant.
Rinse clean, then coat the inside in a layer of talc to avoid it sticking and store in a light tight bag/wardrobe

Keep away from metals and storing metallic items with latex as it can stain.
Try not to get perfume/body oils or highly chemical body products in contact with the latex.
Keep away from direct sunlight , heat and cold as it will adjust colour and deteriorate the material.
Don't use a washing machine for latex
Always use authentic shining spray or silicon based lubricant
Use only either talc or silicone lubricant to get into the garment or as a dressing aid
Pale colours (baby pink, white, lilac) will eventually shift colouring a little or stain very easily so bear in mind  when taking care of your garment.
Keep latex away from sharp objects, abrasive surfaces and false nails.
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