Latex information and Care Am Statik latex

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Wash latex in luke warm water mixed with a little PH balanced soap/detergant.
Rinse clean, then coat the inside in a layer of talc to avoid it sticking and store in a light tight bag/wardrobe

Keep away from metals and storing metallic items with latex as it can stain.
Try not to get perfume/body oils or highly chemical body products in contact with the latex.
Keep away from direct sunlight , heat and cold as it will adjust colour and deteriorate the material.
Don't use a washing machine for latex
Always use authentic shining spray or silicon based lubricant
Use only either talc or silicone lubricant to get into the garment or as a dressing aid
Pale colours (baby pink, white, lilac) will eventually shift colouring a little or stain very easily so bear in mind  when taking care of your garment.
Keep latex away from sharp objects, abrasive surfaces and false nails.

Am Statik does not take responsibility for damage of garments during wear but  can offer a repair service for a fee as many items can be patched or transformed.

Items can be made express quickly if it is not too advanced and is for a specific event. Most items are designed and made within 4-5 weeks in total.

All samples from photoshoots and fashion shows are available for sale, please contact me for sizes and special reduced prices!

Am Statik now offers a recycle your old latex service and can refurbish old garments into new ones for additional cost.

Am Staik does not replicate other designers work and does not replicate other peoples custom work. I strive to make each item personal and individual for every wearer and will only make pret-a-porter items more than once. This isn't to say you can't be inspired or send pictures of other designers work to inspire me!

All Am Statik's garments are made from UK made high quality latex in 0.4 as standard but items can also be made thicker or thinner to cater for preference.

Custom pieces
All custom pieces can be ordered through email or phone.
No item is too big or too small to be ordered custom in any latex colour you desire
If Am Statik does not have the latex colour in stock the charge may be more to allow for personal ordering of a specific colour.
A 50% non-refundable deposit is taken in advance with all purchases, this can be done by bank transfer, cheque or paypal as well as cash in person.
Custom designs can be very specific or I can offer a designing service where you can choose from a selection of designs I have created.
A measurement chart will be sent out to fill in with information on how to measure upon request.

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