Lay z spa hot tub

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Lay Z Spa Hot Tub -

I bought my hot tub 18 months ago after realising I couldn't afford one of the hard shell ones. I didn't know what to expect from a blow up hot tub but have to say I've been thoroughly impressed!

It was easy to set up. I watched the DVD then effortlessly built it with my mother in law (although I could have built it by myself if I'd needed too). I then filled it with water which took about an hour and half - 2 hours from the garden hose pipe. All you need to do then is put the lid on and heat it up, this does take over night. The next morning I had my hot tub at 40 degrees! It was so comfortable with it being inflatable and not hard shell. I was suprised by the amount of bubbles too, It was easily the best hot tub I'd been in.

To maintain the hot tub all you need is to buy a new filter each month which are very cheap on Ebay. You also need to put 2 small chlorine tablets in the floating holder the hot tub comes with. It doesn't cost alot to run on electricity either. You can leave it off for about 8-12 hours without it going cold. But it's best to keep putting it back on after that period or it takes over night to heat from cold again.

Over all a fantastic buy. If you threw it away every year and bought a new one it would take years and years till you had spent the same on a hard shell one but to be honest these last for years too!

You will get all year round use out of your Lay Z Spa hot tub ...


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