Lazy Town /Peppa Pig/ Night Garden Products

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Before getting in a mad bidding frenzy for all those supposedly 'RARE' hard to find items (because people wanting to make a few quid have bought them up.) Try shopping around. I expected not to find any lazy town /peppa pig/night garden products at all after looking on ebay and being convinced there was going to be nothing out there. I was surprised to see that the shops had a reasonable range.

I have bought most of my lazy town stuff from TK Maxx. They had loads of stuff. Even the 'RARE' Robbie figure which have been purchased on ebay for over 30 quid. Cost me £7.99.

Mothecare/Toyr us/Woolworths/Asda

In the last day  I have bought various Lazytown and Peppa pig stuff from Mothercare. They had the big bang bam box, jigsaws, ropes, lunch bags , moveable figures and Peppa pig figures and various other items. Including some Peppa Pig girls pjs'/lunar Jim/night Garden Pj's hot items on Ebay.

Toys r us - got another lazy town jigsaw , but again check them out they had other lazy town items. Also had loads of night garden stuff and Peppa Pig. Including the Space Peppa , and the double set of stuffed toys with Peppa and George, Iggle Piggle with his blanket. I bought a Peppa Watch and tons of jigsaws - Peppa pig jigsaws buy one get one half price. Shrek /Lazytown/Thomas/Roary/Night Garden all available. Watch was £7.99 , jigsaws £4.99

Woolworths - figures , dress up sets , jigsaws and various other items , even cheaper than toys r us.  They have Peppa Pig sets for a good price including the Peppa Pig House  selling for £14.99. One just been sold on ebay for over that and doesnt include the postage. The Peppa pig jumbo play set that includes the car with the 4 figures , a playground , and grandpas train. Bargain at £19.99.  

ASDA - was selling the super sportacus set for just under a tenner and they are still selling on ebay for 20.

Amazon -

Seem to have sellers with many Lazytown products in stock and for many no postal charges. There seems to be quite a few things at sale price.

What I have found hard to get were the pj's for boys. So i have had to buy them off  Ebay. Asda expect more stock in the next 2 weeks of the pj's but didnt want to take the chance.

Internet shopping is handy but not if you are paying over the odds for products that arent that hard to find.



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