Lazytown Sportacus Switchboards

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Having witnessed the high prices that this item sells for on e-bay i decided to look elsewhere.  Typical website ToysRus and Toymaster.  ToysRus have the Stephanie Switchboard at £19.99 (currently) but no Sportacus.  Toymaster have the Stephanie at £19.99 but the Sportacus at £34.99 both have P & P added which ups the price.  I opted for another gift for my son which was within my budget.  However since going into the ToysRus store with money given to my son for his birthday i have since purchased one Sportacus Switchboard for £19.99.  I asked the store manager why they were not advertised on the website and he explained that the website is part of the umbrella of ToysRus but not a part of their store franchise.  So my advice to this is get off your computer looking for a deal and get to your nearest ToysRus store.  I hope this information helps you to put a smile on your childrens faces.
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