Leather Office chair guide. Beware of Stock Photo's

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Do not buy from Leisure bay. his shipping is over priced and he is advertising one chair and selling another.
Go to my BLOG for pictures of my chair and the picture he shows and also you will see my elaboration on the reasons you should stay well away from this con man.
He trashed my 100% FEEDBACK RATING with my first negative and just because he didn't like it that I told the truth.
He said that mine was just one persons opinion.
I suggest you look at his feedback and you will see that it was not just one persons opinion.

The chair is NOT real leather.
This chair is not plumply padded as shown but flattened out and barely padded.

The Chair in the picture is a "stock photo", but it is NOT of his stock.

The man is a bully.

Thats all I have to say.


Correct at time of writing. This unscrupulous man may change his ways. Maybe...???
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