Leather jackets

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Leather or PU leather?

Whilst eBay actively control some aspects of their sales like fakes or copyright infringement there is one area where I have been stung many times. Leather jackets. People list jackets as leather when they are not leather. There is the option to list them as PU leather so why are people willfully listing polyester as leather? If you go in the shops and look at a PU jacket and a genuine leather one you will see the difference immediately in both quality and price. But it's not so easy on eBay when you have a photo to go by. See the above photo. Which one is real and which one is polyester? The jacket on the left is leather, the jacket on the right is polyester. I have bought a couple of jackets listed as leather on eBay and had to return them because they were polyester. I've even had an angry seller rudely tell me where to go. Hang on a sec love you knowing (fraudulently) listed a polyester jacket as leather and you have the gall to refuse to return it.  I even gave her the benefit of the doubt, maybe she really thought it was leather.
That happened 3 times. Since then, when looking for a leather jacket I always contact the seller first. I make sure I ask 'is it 100% genuine, real leather and does it say so on the label'? More often than not I have found out the item is in fact PU when it is listed as leather. I think eBay should address the fact people are trying to pass something off as leather when it isn't. 
Another way to tell if something is leather is to go on brand. For example, All Saints just wouldn't sell a PU jacket. But Primark just wouldn't sell a leather jacket. High street shops like New Look, Topshop, Oasis, Zara and H&M sell both so you should always double check with the seller.
Another thing is price. Leather is expensive, so if it's too good to be true, chances are; it is.
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