Leaving Feedback - A ebay guide

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     I am writing this guide to address the importance on leaving feedback after transactions have been made.

  Feedback is a vital part of the buying and selling process on ebay and allows for a clearer view how good buyers and sellers are and to aid buyers and sellers to improve their service on ebay as it allows for improvements to be made. When a transaction has been hassle free i believe that it is of great importance to leave positive feedback as soon as possible, this then allows the buyer/seller to become trusted more easily. When there has been a problem with a transaction then contact with the buyer/seller should be made to see weather a problem may be sorted out before negative feedback is left. If you wish to reply to feedback that you have recieved then do the following:

1. On the Reply to feedback recieved page, choose the comment and click Reply.
2. Enter your response and click Leave Reply

         Ebay does not state that you have to leave feedback:

     'Some eBay members choose not to leave feedback or forget to leave Feedback, even when the transaction has been hassle free. However, most members understand how important Feedback is for the eBay community.'

     'Although members aren't required to leave Feedback, you can email the member and ask them to leave Feedback for you.'

 but i believe that it is of great importance to leave feedback to aid in improving buyers impressions of sellers and to help sellers improve their selling by dealing with problems which may arise.

     I hope that I have been able to provide an insight into what I feel is an important part of ebay (providing honest feedback) and aid new sellers becoming well trusted within ebay and also helping buyers and sellers to help each other improve their service on ebay.

Please rate this guid so i know if i have been able to help people or leave comments to see if i can improve my guides.

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