Leaving Feedback as a Seller and Buyer

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First why write this?  I had a customer treat me like a bully and I realized I was doing something others hated and didn’t realize it.  I asked them to give me feedback and they asked me if I was happy that I got paid.  Wow, I was being a feedback bully and I didn’t even realize it.

As a Seller:

Leave your positive as soon as you get paid.  Your satisfaction over the transaction should only rely upon being paid, period.  Everything else is reliant upon how you as the seller handle things such as the product, truthfulness in your statements, the packaging, shipping, and all your communications with your customer.    For most buyers, as long as you deliver on your sale, they will be happy.  Trust and you shale recieve.

As a Buyer:

Just be fair and leave a positive or nothing at all.  If you had a somewhat bad experience and the product wasn't what you wanted, or the shipping was late, or any of the other reasons why your experience could be bad, work with the seller.  Most sellers will fix things.  Even if the seller says As-Is they may still try to make things right.  

If the problem is minor and the seller isn't willing to remedy things it still may warrant a negative but at least give them a chance to prove the axiom "The Customer is always Right" not the axiom Caveat Emptor.

Final Thoughts:

I understand; if you get really crappy service, shipping, untruthful statements, leave a negative.  Flame the buggers! That’s why the negative exists and it makes it easier for the rest of us to learn from your bad experiences.

Remember, as a seller or a buyer you can always have a second word on any feedback.  You can even mutually remove feedback, so don’t hold back.  As a seller, if you liked getting paid, say so.  As a buyer. if you liked your purchase say so. 
Don’t hold back and don’t blackmail for feedback.  It makes you look like you are hiding something.  It makes you appear untrustworthy.


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