Leaving feedback Good, Bad, Indifferent. ?

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Hi there everyone after genuinely forging a good feedback score on ebay as we all endeavour to do, I find I must share my thoughts on obscure  feedback comments.

We all do our best I am sure to describe as closely as possible the true nature of our items, ok with that said there are a very small % of unscrupulous traders around but you find this everywhere you turn in the world this is the nature of the beast we are dealing with (buying and selling).

What I find difficult to get my thoughts around are buyers who may be use ebay 4 or 5 times a year to grab a bargain which of course there is nothing wrong with.
But then without any communication or questioning of any form leave random off handed feedback comments may be a month or so after initial purchase ?? which in essence wont end the world but looks like a short coming when reading.

Let us face it ladies and gents our reputation is key here, so what goes through the minds of people to come back after 30+ days and leave obscure feedback comments without even the slightest effort in communicating with the selling party.?
Everyone in life makes mistakes we are all open to error but if people do not draw our attention to these errors or communicate this and share this with us how are we to improve our service..?? which ultimately is the key here.
It is said that positive reinforcement (feedback) is the best learning aid...we all need to learn do we not ?? Just thoughts ladies and gents from a fellow e bayer who genuinely cares about his listings and profile. 
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