Leaving honest feedback about postage!

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Hi I recently have had a bad experience with a seller (not naming any names!) in that I was extremely overcharged with postage and I found that I was put in the position where I couldn't leave honest feedback.

The high postage was in part due to so called mandatory postal insurance that added extra cost to the already high postage and packaging. I'm not sure what the postal insurance was because my high value item was sent recorded delivery that actually will only cover an item up to £32.00!!

So what is mandatory postal insurance and what did I pay extra for?!! The goods would not have been insured had they went missing in the post.

I left neutral feedback for the seller as I thought this was something I was quite unhappy about only to be sent an email threatening that I change my feedback to positive or be left negative myself!! Followed by more emails with personal remarks about myself, follow up's to my feedback and comments about me on a listing for a similar item!

I realise that yes I have entered a contract and the seller is saying that I should have read all details regarding the item before bidding but you can only see the postage details after the item has been sent! Is it wrong for your feedback to reflect on the postage charges and insurance or should it be soley based on the item itself. (Which I was happy with by the way!)

To me the seller is forcing me to change my feedback, blackmail if you like and I felt that if I didn't change the feeback I would lose my good reputation (100% positive, :-D ) However I'm not the type to be threatened like this, you wouldn't have to take it from a shop so you shouldn't on ebay! So I left my neutral, which didn't contain any personal remarks, just a comment on the high postage.

I'm sure there are other buyers who have felt the same and I feel this a problem with the feedback system. You can't leave neutral or negative because you are faced with the possibility that the seller will leave unjust  negative for you in retaliation!

This is the first problem I have had on ebay and I would be grateful for any comments, advice or help on this matter. (Not from seller involved though, heard enough!)

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