Lee Stafford Hair Growth Shampoo Review

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Lee Stafford hair growth shampoo - does it work? 

Its bright pink, flashy label makes it an attractive option for anyone desperately searching for a cure for their hair loss. But is this shampoo actually worth investing your time and money?

Before judging the shampoo, it's important to know why hair loss occurs. Put simply, when DHT (a male sex hormone) is present in the scalp, it prevents hair growth. Furthermore, inflammation will cause the hair follicles to fall out.

The way this shampoo claims to work is by "fertilizing the earth". By stimulating the metabolic activity of the hair bulb cells it increases blood circulation to the roots. The improved blood circulation in turn reduces the inflammation too which means no more hair follicles falling out...
Well at least that's how it works in theory. According to reviews of people all over the internet, the majority said it neither helped with hair loss nor made it worse. However it did make their hair softer, smoother and appear shiny.

But I wanted to know if there was  scientific evidence  behind the claims and whether it actually decreases  rate at which hair follicles fell out or increased the rate at which hair grew.

That's how stumbled upon an experiment
 done by the University of Pennsylvania on the effect of certain shampoos  on hair loss. There were groups of 2 00 men and women aged between 22 - 45 who over the course of 3 months used different shampoos and their effectiveness was measured at monthly intervals.  Although not fully conclusive, there were some interesting results.

On the right the bar chart shows the effectiveness of the 4 shampoos tested - Lee Stafford hair growth, Taoist Handmade Soap, Aplecin Liquid and Plantur 39.

Although the Lee Stafford shampoo was fairly effective relative to the others, Taoist Soap seemed to take the lead by a statistically significant margin.

Although it's not as famous as the other three, its results were promising in reducing hair loss. Apparently it is made from rare elements found in the mountainous regions of Korea and no artificial chemicals are added to it making it practically edible! 

It tackles the problem directly by reducing inflammation of the scalp and in turn prevents hair follicles from falling.

So what's the verdict?
Lee Stafford's shampoo does have evidence to prove that it can be effective in treating hair loss however there are more effective (natural) alternatives which will not be harmful to your body. 
However it is still not the complete solution to this problem. If you go deeper to the roots causes of hair loss you will find that it requires a number of measures to fully control hair loss namely diet, exercise and stress. 
  • Eating a healthier diet by avoiding oily, fried, processed foods can limit hormonal imbalance and prevent inflammation. Incorporating fresh fruit (an apple a day?) and vegetables will also ensure that your body is receiving enough minerals to produce healthy hair.
  • Exercising will ensure that you have healthy blood circulation. Even just walking everyday can make a big difference. Since you know inflammation on the scalp is the reason for hair falling out, why not take it a step further by massaging your scalp? 15-20min each day and you will see the amount of hair falling reduces greatly.
  • Stress does all kinds of damage to our body from affecting the health of the heart to reducing bone formation. You'll also be interested to know that many types of hair loss are directly linked with stress so stop pulling your hair out!
Since we are on the topic of alternative or supporting methods of treatment, I should mention that hypnosis is also useful to try. Now I don't mean looking at a swinging pendulum and being under someones control.

During hypnosis, you are always in full control and can choose to reject whatever is being suggested to you. Over a period of several weeks to months, you can simply play an audio of hair loss hypnosis which can be found on the internet. It taps into the deeper sub-conscience part of your mind to create change in your body (physical and mental). Whether you are a skeptic or a believer, you can see very clear results so it's definitely worth a shot.

So to truly get rid of hair loss once and for all, it should be tackled both internally and externally otherwise at best, it will only be a short term solution.
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