Lifan / Skygo LF125-30

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Brought my LF125-30 bike from one of the internetbike shop dealers in Ashford Kent in September 07.  Have had nothing but trouble from day one. Bits kept falling off within days of buying it. So far the list of things that fell off or come loose are :- both the rev counter needle and the speedo fell off, the fairing looses bolts quickly, wires kept breaking on the back of various bulb holders, The front mudguard developed cracks around the mounting points causing it fall off (scared the hell outta me when it happened) The radiator chrome cover developed stress cracks all over, The switch feeding the gear readout failed, The front brake lever and master cylinder fell off the handle bars (also scary!) A small hose split and emptied the coolant, nearside headlamp assembly broke loose and melted the holder, The nearside exhaust bolts kept snapping in the head (4 times)- I have to keep tightening them up every couple of hours of riding. Interestingly the off side exhaust never works loose! Lastly the back section of one of the exhaust pipes fell off causing an accident. The weld completely gave way allowing the entire silencer to go wizzing across the A40- this happened early febuary and the bike was off the road until a new exhaust and a head was sent to the dealer. In june the dealer received the parts and started to fit them - only to discover that one of the engine mounts had snapped from the frame of the bike. The dealer,(Legend of Ashford..I would recommend them ...Awesome support and first class customer service), Checked the frame and said that they considered the bike a writeoff due to the frame cracking. The importer, the interner bike shop, collected the bike and are now replacing it, unfortunately despite all of the constant trouble they have seen fit to deduct £202 from the cost of the bike. I find this a bit of a cheek since I have never had a journey on this bike without having to tighten something down or something falling off. The bike had only covered 2000k The insurance company want £35 to change the policy over to the new bike.

So buyer beware! Choose your supplier with care as the after sales service is sometimes more important than what you buy. Also If the problems with my bike was an isolated incident, then you would have thought that the internet bike shop would have been sorry enough to have just replaced the bike at no cost to myself. I am now waiting for delivery of the replacement bike. I have been told that Lifan have increased the size of bolts securing the exhaust to the head and increased the thickness of the exhaust metal........Im sorry but they must have had a know problem to do why am I being asked to pay £202 for a design fault?

I must mention Legend of Ashford Kent 01233 629620. They have done so much to help me with this bike. They never once charged me for labour despite the warranty only covering the parts. Without them I dont think I would have been offered a replacement bike. Sometimes it takes a problem to show what true customer service is......Look and learn Internet Bike Shop!!

Update 20/08/08 AM

Last Saturday I collected my new 125-30 bike. I had to pay £100 + vat for it. I am still not pleased about this but figure that its probably the best I am going to get from Lifan. The other annoying thing is that the old bike was a Skygo version in a nice metallic blue, the new bike is in the Lifan livery- tons of badly applied white paint....I had to stand and stare gobsmacked at what was on offer. The best way to describe it is its like a 12yr old has taken a roll of masking tape and tried to follow the curves of the bike....then painted it with white gloss!! ie the curves are a series if straight lines. I am very dissapointed with the looks. The dealer did say I didnt have to take it but and its a big BUT, I have been off the road since the early part of the year and if I rejected this bike who knows when and what would turn I took it.   I might sound ungrateful, but I am just relaying my opinions. ( oh I forgot, there was a fault with the front headlamp mount that the dealer spotted he made a temp repair and will fix it at the first service) I intend to update this review over the months on how the new bike is performing. Having published the sorry story of the first bike on the internet, it would not be fair on Lifan or the Internet bike shop if I didn't continue the updates and give them and the replacement bike the chance to redeem themselves. You will only get the facts and the truth...So Here goes!

Saturday, picked up the new bike from Legend motorbikes in Ashford. After the shock of the white paint I drove off..... well i went 5 meters then the clutch cable appeared to snap! The bike was stuck in gear so I walked back into the dealership and a suprised Julien turned white when I said I had broken down! It turned out that the outer clutch cable had not fully engaged in the holder at the handlebar end, when it seated itself I lost about 2cm of clutch travel. A quick adjustment and I was on my way. :-)

On the road the bike was much smoother than the previous one. No nasty vibrations other than would normaly be expected from a single cylinder engine. I have been riding the bike now for 4 days and have done about 130 miles. So far the only thing thats worked loose is the throttle cable which was easily adjusted. The exhausts bolts are still tight and secure! I am paranoid about checking these after the last bike. The only thing that happened yesterday was the engine over temp light flicked on a couple of times just for a fraction of a second. The cooling fan was not on so I will have to keep my eye on this and let the Dealer know when my first service is due.

So far this bike seems to be good. A couple of tips for new owners. 1. the chromed fixings on the fairing and also the fake ones around the fuel filler rust at the sight of a cloud!. Get a touch up paint stick of clear varnish and paint the fixings while they are still new!  2. The front indicator bulbs are very short compaired with the reflector and lens. Get your local car parts shop to order the larger type normaly found in the rear indicators of cars...but ensure that you buy the same 12volt 10watt variety. The larger (longer) type stick out further. They can be seen better in the daylight, The original bulbs are so recessed that thay are almost invisible from the front of the bike.


20/08/08 PM went out for a ride on the bike, no major problems except that when I got home one of the chrome handlebar ends is missing! Very annoying! Locktight would have been a good idea Lifan! (oh that warning light still flickers on and off and it seems to coincide with a sudden drop in engine revs. it only happens at tickover the light flickers then the engine idle speed drops for a second then it clears! The dealer is going to investigate during the first service) And the side stand switch retainig screws had nearly fallen out.....Dare I mention Locktight again?


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