Light Guns on LCD and Plasma TVs G-Con, XboX etc

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Light Guns with LCD / Plasma TVs

Many of us have played games like Time Crisis II and House of the Dead at the arcades and you can also buy them for your home games console like Playstation 2 (for example). When you see the light guns for sale like the ones below these WILL NOT work on your LCD or Plasma TV so dont waste your time buying them unless you have an older CRT TV to use them with.

Shown above (left) Playstation 2 G-con 2 usb gun, (middle) Playstation 1 G-Con Gun and (right) Xbox Light Rifle.

Annoyingly enough there is no way these (or any other normal light gun including 100mhz ones) will work with any LCD or Plasma TV as they are just incompatible. The best thing to do is get yourself a big CRT (normal) TV and set it aside for use with just your games consoles. The good thing is you can get these very cheap now but will need 2-3 friends to help you collect it!!

If you dont want to get a regular TV - there is a glimmer of hope!

The Top Gun

There is a new universal light gun developed called The Top Gun this is designed to work with Playstation, Xbox and PC (for MAME users). The downside is it has a mixed review response and you need to connect sensor rails to either side of your TV screen for it to work.

G1 Light Gun

Another universal light gun that uses a sensor than looks like a webcan is the G1 light gun again it is PS2 and Xbox compatible.

These both come up expensive but of you want to play light gun games on your LCD or Plasma you dont really have any other option!!

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