Lighter Life - Buying through Ebay

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Are you considering buying Lighter Life shakes, bars or soups from someone on Ebay?

A few points to consider before you do....

Pricewise - One weeks supply from an official Lighter Life group councellor will cost you a faction of what some people are paying on here! At the group meetings you pay a weekly fee of 66 pounds outwith London, otherwise your London fee jumps up to £88 *-which includes your 28 packs (mixture of soups, shakes and bars), essential support and health monitoring. Some people are paying in excess of 120 pounds for the packs alone!!

Healthwise - This plan should not be embarked on without medical consent from your GP. Your medical history and current medication needs professional assessment to make sure your body is able to cope with the changes this plan brings.

Weight loss on this plan is expected to be approx 3 stone in 100 days for ladies (less time for gents) Most diets cannot offer this quick success rate, BUT the support that comes with the group and the counceling is just as important as taking the shakes.It makes you look at WHY the weight was gained, and what lifestyle changes you need to make to ensure the weight stays off.

In short, if you are willing to spend the 100pounds + here on ebay to get the Lighter Life packs.... why not just join your local class? It will save you money and give you all the support tools you need to keep the weight off too.

Incase you are thinking I am an employee of Lighter Life, then you are mistaken!  I am your average yo-yo dieter who is quick to try all new diet plans (without much success) But after seeing proven results on friends doing the Lighter Life plan - am about to ambark on it myself.

Please do a google search for Lighter Life and find your local groups contact details! Good luck :-)

PS - *Many thanks to my kind fellow ebay who recently informed me of the higher price for London members! X

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