Lighter Life Diet

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Hi Everyone,

I am writing this to share my experience of the "Lighter Life Diet Programme" with all you people who may be considering this path to loose weight. 

We all want to loose weight for different reasons, me, well i wanted to loose weight because i didn't like what the mirror reflected back at me, (my prob is hips bum and tums), anyway i started out on this programme which by the way you have to get your doctor to sign to agree that you are not on certain medications etc, then have regular monthly appointments to check your blood presure, so you feel safe in a strange sort of way, but remember it's only blood preasure thay are testing.

Where shall i start, First off it ain't cheap at £66 per week for your weekly pack of shakes and bars, but the thought of being slim that feels like a bargin, and they take a picture of you front on and side on and measurments, and the counciller always has a answer for any problems you are suffering, and because you want to loose weight, you believe what they say, cause you want to, and they want you to carry on, course they do at £66 a week, my counciller was not great to be honest, she could never even remember our names and there was only 10 of us left out of  the 12 that started, one was in hospital and they other just dissapeared.
The 1st week you can loose up to 8LB in weight, hold on don't get excited by that figure, that's just fluid loose, on any diet you can do that if you stick to it by the book, and on this diet you can't go wrong, 4 packs a day and water that's all you have.
This is what keeps you going, of course you lose weight you are actually starving your body of everything except vitamins and minerals, it ain't rocket science, a stone a month no problem, all this looks so positive, what's wrong with this you may be thinking, well i'll tell you.

The side effect can be wicked, for me and others in the group, on the 1st week i suffered wicked headaches and was so weak all i could do was sleep, and that was a general effect that we all suffered,  i was loosing handfulls of hair each time i washed it, there was so much it blocked up the plug hole, tummy cramps that match labour pains, and cold, i was always frezzing even on days when others were stripped and sea swimming in the hight of the summer.

One lady in our group was actually hospitalized with skin blisters all over her body and put on steriods!  Then i started experiencing hurrendous cheast pains, that would make me violently sick, i was taken to the hospital for help, 2 lots of morphine later to get the pain under control, the doctors we horrified when i told the the diet i was undertaking, after scans and many more bouts of sickness on this day, they discovered that i had to have my Gallbladder removed as it was swollen and full of stones, this was a result of the "diet " i was informed, and drastic weight lose in a short period of time causes to much calcium, which turn to stones, so not only did i loose weight, i lost hair and now a organ!

That was enough for me, and i consider myself lucky, the other lady now has a skin condition for life.

Please please think really seriously before taking this path, some may be lucky and come out the other end unscathed, others may not, some people have paid the ultimate price with the diet and have died!
It's you health and life that you may be gambling with, it's just not worth it! the only real way to loose weight, is by eating less and excising more, cliche but it's the fact! cause all these fads and that's what they are fads, because when you eat even the smallest amounts the weight goes back on and quick!

I hope this has helped and made you really soul search, just please think twice before setting off on the lighter life road, it seem like the answer to your prayers, but trust me your weight lose won't be your only problem and topic of conversation, that's if your one of the lucky one's that actually live to tell the tale.
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