Lighter life

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After watching my mum go to lighter life spend a fortune on the shakes bars etc i do not believe any one needs to put thier body through what they are.

My mum got quite ill and started to loose her hair and her nails were in really bad condition, she started to look yellow (im not joking!)

It is so bad for your body, to suddenly reduce your calorie intake has huge health risks.

All you women that feel you need to loose wait you most probably do not! Statistics show that over 80% of the female population in the uk are on a diet.

After watching my mum diet it made me think am i too big? At only a size 10 at the time i obviously was not but when some one else in your family is dieting it leads to other people feeling they need to loose weight too.

Just think if you are a mum and going on these diets and you have children how  it is influencing them, more and more children as young as 8 have said they feel better when on a diet. After "testing" an extreme diet i got addicted to it and now can not stop loosing weight. I have visited websites were girls as young as 10 are using tricks to loose weight.

Ladies all you need is some confidence! You are all beautiful! Buy some nice clothes, high heels and feel good. You will soon see that you are loosing weight any way as you are feeling better and eating healthy!

Please dont go on these extreme diets you are all worth so much more!


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