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I am on the Lighter Life Diet and was surprised to see these products on ebay, especially at the price people are paying for them.

The water flavouring cost £9.00 per tub

The packs are £66.00 per week (inclusive of counselling and extras)  A weeks supply which can be shakes, bars or soups consists of 28 of your own personal choice.

£66.00 divided by 20 = £2.35 each sachet

NOT the horrendous amount some sellers are charging and then adding postage and packaging.  I understand some people might not have a LL Counsellor near them but I feel the high prices some sellers are charging are just playing on people's emotions and they should have a more caring attitude, NOT PRAY ON PEOPLE.

At the end of the day its your choice - why not join a group you would benefit so much more, and you get the medical supervision you need, free from risks?

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